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Our salons specialty is Curly Hair! We love everything about it and we want you to love it too! We do wet cuts, and style hair naturally curly. We also specialize in Men’s Scissor Haircuts, using scissors to create a blended haircut. In addition, we specialize in Short Women’s Scissor Haircuts using scissors to create a well blended and soft short haircut.

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Sara Bassett

Sara has specialized in curly hair for 12 years and established Roots Salon in 2013.



Roots Salon ABQ Sara Bassett

Owner / Hairstylist

After moving to New York City from New Mexico, I did my best to learn as much as I could in my industry. I specialized in Curly Hair at Ouidad salon, and then I did high end men’s cuts at Fleischman’s a men salon. I also did fashion week, print and hair for tv. I really wanted to return to New Mexico and create a NYC style salon in Nob Hill Albuquerque. It is important that we match your hairstyle to your lifestyle, to create the best look for you. Every appointment includes thorough consultation and I really listen to all your questions and concerns. My clients often comment on the longevity of their haircuts and how it looks good through growing out process. I love creating a relaxed experience, really listening to my clients and discussing all their needs. All that and a wonderful head massage, will keep you coming back. Roots Salon is located in the heart of Nob Hill. We believe that a good hair style is built on the foundation of communication. Making sure that as a client your needs, concerns, and vision are heard and understood, each and every time. With a passion for perfection and a strong sense of community, this is definitely a salon you can feel comfortable, while you are pampered and able to relax.


Hairstylist / Colorist

Bradley is Roots Salon’s expert colorist. He is excellent at helping every client reach their hair
color goals, from vibrant fashion shades or subtle tonal color. Bradley also takes the time to educate his clients on how to maintain the color and health of their hair.
Bradley has worked with Sara for 4 years. During which time he has honed his curly hair skills. He is passionate about helping clients love their curly hair, through cutting, styling, and taking care of their curls. Bradley listens to his clients needs and wants, and thoroughly consults with each client how they can get the best style for their hair. Curly or straight, bold to subtle, Brad, will strive to make you happy with your hair!
Roots Salon ABQ Chloe


Hairstylist / Colorist

Chloe completed cosmetology school at Arrojo in New York City. After School, she apprenticed at Ouidad flagship salon in Manhattan. During her times in NYC Chloe also did editorial work with Arrojo Underground, Ouidad and ECRU New York.
Chloe straightened her hair for most of her life, until she went to cosmetology school in Manhattan where She was delighted to have her first haircut for curly hair. She could not believe how easy it was to do and that That she was no longer a slave to the flat iron. This is what lead her to seek out a curly hair salon to work with curly hair and honed her curly hair skills, and her passion for others to love their curls. Chloe’s passion is showing people how good their hair can look naturally curly!




Our curly haircuts are based off the Ouidad cutting style and include a full consultation, a scissor cut and a naturally curly style, dried with a diffuser.


We primarily do Men’s scissor haircuts. Clippers can be used by request.


Bradly, our color specialist, will help you find the best color for your desired look and lifestyle. He offers all over color, root touchups, highlights, balayage, ombre, as well as dramatic bright colors.




Women’s Cut . . . . . . . 65.00
Men’s Cut . . . . . . . 40.00
Bang Trim . . . . . . . 15.00
Consultation . . . . . . . 15.00


Women’s Cut . . . . . . . 55.00
Men’s Cut . . . . . . . 30.00
Bang Trim . . . . . . . 15.00
Color . . . . . . . 70.00
Highlights . . . . . . . 70.00+
Toner . . . . . . . 30.00


Women’s Cut . . . . . . . 48.00
Men’s Cut . . . . . . . 25.00
Full Highlights . . . . . . . 110.00
Partial Highlights . . . . . . . 75.00
Color Retouch . . . . . . . 60.00


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Tuesday – Saturday  10am – 6pm

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